Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something Ugly

I decided to fix my Roland micro-cube today (and I use the word 'fix' very loosely).  So I took some old computer speakers, mounted them in a three-ring binder, and wired them up.  Here's some pictures, and what the hell, a sound clip of the abomination!

This is the original speaker.

Here's the front of it, prior to the addition of an ''Eminence Inside" logo in the lower left corner.  You know, for laughs.

Here's the back.  You can see my god-like soldering skills.  Oh yeah, and more duct tape.

 And this is where the original speaker was.  I mounted the jack on a thin piece of plastic, krazy glued to the port.  That's quality.

And as promised, a clip!

Speaker by Liam Nixon

Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Stuff I Find On The Internet Part 1

If you're into nerdy, NES fueled hip-hop, check out Random (also known as Mega Ran). Cool stuff, and if you don't have money to buy his records, you can listen to it on Bandcamp, not to mention some of it is free, too.